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Key Specifications
GARDSMAN CTC-927, The upgraded functionailty from our very own CTC-922, it comes with powerful Dual Frequency Hopping, Two-Way Radio Communication, Code Encryption and much more.

CTC-927 is specially designed to work with our XX-11 series Devices. With this more advanced features, the battery life for Devices can generally lasts between 5 to 11 years with regular usages.

In addition, Its brilliant feature of Two-Way Radio Communication, it creats a talking bridge between the Control Panel and Devices which guarantees the successful transmissions every time.

Furthermore, the Dual Frequency Hopping helps to avoid any possible interference from the external world. And, the Code Encryption secures the data code from copying by evildoer.

Along with the Digital Communication Facility and its wealth of features, CTC-927 is the ultimatly most favored Wireless Alarm System for Central Monitoring Stations and their protected members.

CTC-927 Dual Frequency, Centrally Monitored, 20-Zone Control Panel
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