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Key Specifications
Standby Idle Mobile Phone Prison Walk Through Detector
consists of two sensor poles (Dipole). Each pole has six equally spaced sensors connected to a micro-controller.
Detected data are spontaneously wireless transmitted to a Main Controller. Data are further analyzed by the main controller to determine if a mobile phone has passed through these Dipole.
When a person walk through the Dipole with a mobile phone, signal strength (above the background noise level) of each detector is displayed on Main Controller's LED panel instantaneously with respect to its position.
In the mean time, main controller will sound alarm, active dry contact, or establish wireless or TCP/IP communication with a remote computer depends on customer's preference.
Dipole is very lightweight and easy to set up. Since it is a reactive system, dipole does not generate any harmful strong RF driver signal.
Dipole and the main Controller consume very low power suitable for non-stop operation.
System does not need any operator to monitor like a metal detector.
Moreover, Upgraded Idle Standby Phone Walk Through Detector RFD-10PL (TCP/IP Plus) can work with one or multiple IP cameras for remote monitoring and warning.
When someone with a phone walks through RFD-10PL cell phone door detector, you will get sound and image alerts quickly. A photo capture pops up to show you who has a phone on our software interface. IP camera's address and time stamp also on the photo. Only the detected photos are stored in the recorded files so you can efficiently find out who have phones without replaying all recorded videos of the IP cameras.
Wall Through Mobile Phone Detector Pole
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