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Key Specifications

SEMAC-S3-V1 is an RFID verfication, wiegand connection based, lift control and floor security control system that is applied to lift/elevator/floor control in a building. When SEMAC-S3-V1 connects with 1~8 of BF-333 device(s) it could expand the management floor range up to 128-storey per system. Thru SEMAC-S3 proprietary WEB Server management, system operator could be easily manage the equipments.SEMAC-S3 now can be optioned with single board panel with proprietary power box or with metal made mini enclosure.

• 128-Storey support by SEMAC-S3-V1 per system
• 7-Storey hall calling support by SEMAC-S3-V1 per system
• 20,000~50,000 cardholders capacity
• 10 bypass time zone levels for doors/users access authority
• Proprietary software provide (Somac 2.2: lift control module) 
• Web based manageable
• Wiegand reader support only (BF50 or BF20 required)

Chiyu SEMAC-S3-V1 (Wiegand) Lift Controller
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