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Key Specifications
VPC (Virtual Private Cloud Communication) is an "Idea" which refer to using the most common way of internet connection (Dynamic IP) environment to become your virtually private way of connecting your device with almost zero need of Networking knowledge.

By adapting VPC, devices sent to the "cloud" are able to be mastered by you only under 3 Plug & Play steps:

1. skyGate/skyCode Internet connection
2. skyGate/skyCode to skyCloud connection
3. Registering your device to the skyCloud

What about devices without VPC idea ? Without VPC, you will be Forced to learn network knowledges that has nothing to do with Surveillance field but need them as connection Media such as DDNS, Port forwarding, Gateway setup etc
(Each Ordinary Router manufacturer creates its own setup interface you will need to learn)

skyGate only need 3 steps to allow you get to the Sky & your devices connection in the Sky can simply find its way back home.

A brief connection diagram here help you undestand the whole idea. To the "Sky" and how to find way back to "Home"

Refers to devices that started the process . In this case devices include cameras & access system. This is the first point where surrounding View, Sound, Data etc are ENCODED into network digital signal. SkyCode has built in firmware that is accesible from remote area via the internet to the site to view images, Listen to sound, control movement, basically by IE browser without any software. For Video, it sends standard H.264 RTSP raw code which are decodable by any H.264 RTSP decoder & can be accessed using IE browser

each skyCode has been embedded with special program. The program writes down serial number of each skyCode that is unique. Once skyCode is linked to the internet, It will send the serial number to our skyCloud member server (

No DDNS needed
No Port Forwarding needed
No Viewing Software needed

All you have to do is to open your browser. type in the serial number of the camera i.e.
Besides using S/N you can also access camera with your easy to remember email address.

All you have to do is to open your browser, type in the serial number of the camera +

Live demo site also viewable by I·pad, I—phone or Android under this address:

You might need an H.264 webplayer you can download & install first:

The demo above is accessed with administration level.
Kindly browse the Demo site without changing Password
Once the camera S/N successfully display the website, you can registered your email address.
Choose setting ·-> network ··> member system -·> create an account
Now besides S/N, you are able to access the camera using your email address from
Cloud computing network camera
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