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Key Specifications
System Operation:
• FullArm/HomeArm
1. Command by IP Alarm app or wireless remote control
2. Acoustic confirmation by the base unit.
3. User notification by push and email
4. By use of Exit delay (Set time 0-59s in IP App)
1)Acoustic buzzer sounds each second during exit delay
2)Long sound confirm a successful arm
• Disarm
1. Command by IP Alarm app or wireless remote control
2. Acoustic confirmation by the base unit.
3. User notification by push and email
4. By use of entry delay (Set time 0-59s in IP App)
1) Acoustic buzzer sounds each second during entry delay
2)Two short sounds confirm a successful disarm

Sensor system capability (Total: 99):
1) 10 pcs Remote controls
2) 19 pcs Smoke detector or gas detector
3) 40 pcs Door /Window sensor
4) 40 pcs Motion detectors

Standard Alarm Kits:
•IP Cloud Alarm Host * 1pc
•Wireless Door/Window Sensor* 1pc
•Wireless PIR Detector* 1pc
•Remote Control* 1pc
•Power supply *  1pc
•User manual* 1pc

Power supply: 5V/1000MA
Battery: lithium battery 800MA/H
Standby Current: 220MA
Alarm Current: 310MA
Receiving Frequency: 868.35MHz
Emitting frequency: 868.35MHz
Receiving and emitting distance: More than 100metres under open area
Certificate : CE

Other accessories:
•Gas DetectorIP Alarm's gas detector is an electrochemical sensor, which sounds the alarm if your gas boiler or stove is leaky.
The unit is in direct contact with IP Alarm and can therefore be seen online. The sensor reacts to LPG as well as natural gas (LNG). In this way, you can keep an eye on your gas boiler and stove if you use gas for cooking or heating purposes.
Gas concentration in the event of an alarm:
Power usage: Max 2W
Size: 70x40x115 mm
•Smoke DetectorIP Alarm's smoke detector uses the same wireless technology as other IP Alarm units.
The sensor reacts to smoke, and as soon as it detects smoke in the vicinity,IP Alarm's discover it, whichimmediately ensures that you are alerted. The alarm results in the IP Alarm scanner's siren working with the siren in the detector when it is activated. At the same time, you and your loved ones will be alerted by your smartphone or by email. You decide who needs to be alerted. You can easily adjust this in your notification center in the IP Alarm app. It minimizes the response time for help to those who cannot leave the house on their own. If you have allied with a neighbor, they might be there in a few minutes.
Power source: 9V Battery
Life span of the battery: 2 years
Surrounding temperature: 0- + 50°C
Surrounding humidity: 10% - 85%
Sound level, Siren: 85dB - 3m
Size: Ø100x40mm
•Indoor SirenIP Alarm's indoor siren is for those who want a more powerful siren in case of an alarm, or for those with a big house where the built-in siren of the IP Alarm's scannercannot be heard well enough.
IP Cloud Alarm System with install from Google Play or Apple App Store
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