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Key Specifications
Finseen FC-300 Cloud IP Alarm System

Main Features:

1.Remote control through your mobile phone.

2.Alarm signal auto send your mobile phone.

3. Power and internet connections are surveyed online .

4. The system can quickly accept an alarm signal.

5. Safe and easy to operate . 

6. Operate Alarm panel Away Arm,Home Arm, Disarm, Emergency

Alarm through Internet.

7. Can Upload Status  In Alarm panel of mobile phone .

8. Alarm siren keeping time is 2minutes.

9.  Can be set with 10pcs of Remote Control ID.

10. Can be set with 99 wireless zone, and each zone can

learn 1pc of accessories.


Power supply: 5V/1000MA

Battery: lithium battery 800MA/H

Standby Current: 220MA

Alarm Current: 310MA

Receiving Frequency: 868.35MHz

Emitting frequency: 868.35MHz

Receiving and emitting distance: More than 100metres under open area

APP : Andriod ,IOS

Battery backup: YES

Certificate : CE

What is Finseen Cloud IP Alarm System?

Finseen Cloud based IP Alarm is a latest technology burglar alarm system controlled by your smart phone or tablet via the internet. The IP Alarm Cloud drives the system, which provide you with information about who enters your house, which sensor has been triggered etc. Notifications are distributed to friends and neighbors, ether by PUSH or email. Power and internet connections are surveyed online. Should one interrupt the power or the internet, the system will notify you within seconds. The app can monitor and control the system from anywhere as long as your phone or tablets connected to the internet.

The central unit of the system is the IP Alarm Scanner(Alarm Host/Panel).

Alarm Host:

Alarm Host is the brain of Cloud based IP Alarm system and features a user-friendly plug-and-play setup.

It just need to simply plug-in the devices power adapter to an AC outlet near a router then connect it to the router with a network cable(included in standard kits package).

Once setup, the alarm host can support PIR detector, Door sensor, Remote Control, Indoor Siren etc,and is almost infinitely expandable to suit each person’s needs. The Alarm host has been tested to support up to 99zone accessories.

PIR Detector:

The Finseen passive infrared(IR) motion detector can be wall mounted installation.

It is one of the most important components in the burglarproof surveillance of your home against break-ins. It is best placed in areas where you expect a thief to pass.

Door sensor :

Designed for placement on a door, window or anything else that can open/close. These magnetic contact sensors will wirelessly communicate with the Finseen from as far as 320 feet away in open space. They attach to the item they are monitoring with double stick adhesive tape making them extremely versatile; use them to monitor a door one day and a window the next.

Remote Control

This kit includes two remote tags which can control the Finseen Security System from up to 100 meter away in open space. They offer a simplified option for control with quick one-button arm, disarm, home ,Home arm and panic setting to trigger the alarm. They’re a perfect alternative to use when pulling up the app might not be as convenient or for family members who might not have a smartphone, or smartphone without the app installed.

Arm-All devices within the Finseen IP Alarm System are armed; this can be set using the remote tag or Finseen smartphone app. Upon choosing “Arm”, users will have 60 seconds to exit the premises before the security system takes effect.

Disarm-All devices within the Finseen IP Alarm system are now disarmed; this can be done through the remote tag or Finseen smartphone app.

Home Arm- Connecting the home security, secures the doors and windows in the system whilst your motion sensors stays inactive so you can stey in the house without the alarm sounding.

Panic- Selecting this will activate the Finseen built-in siren, Finseen smartphone APP Siren or external Siren.

Simple versatile Finseen 99 zones home wireless security IP Cloud alarm system
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