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Key Specifications
Burglary always seems like something that happens to someone else, whether it''s a friend, a co-worker, or the people down the street.It doesn''t take long to realize that burglaries and other property crimes can happen to you or your loved ones.

Cloud IP Alarm System puts you in control of your home and security system all from your smartphone.

Cloud IP alarm system is integrated with latest Cloud technology, it doesn’t require complex installation or wiring, making it the perfect way to protect your home quickly and easily.

Besides standard alarm kits accessories, you can also DIY choose your favorite accessories. Cloud IP alarm system allows you to tailor your home security to suit your property.

Finseen provides a comprehensive range of accessories for the Cloud IP Alarm, allowing you to tailor the security to the idiosyncrasies of your property.

•1.  What iOS devices are compatible with the Finseen Cloud based IP Alarm system?

Compatible for Iphone or Ipad which is with iOS 5.0 above.


•2.  What Android devices are compatible with the Finseen Cloud based IP Alarm system?

Compatible for Android 2.3 above.


•3.  How do I set up the Finseen Cloud based IP Alarm system?

The system is a DIY [Do it yourself] system with a minimum of setup. Just download and install the “IP Alarm” app from Google Play or Apple App Store. Make sure the system is powered up and connected to the internet. Check that your mobile device is connected to the internet.



•4.  How can I log in APP?

Turn back the alarm host, you can find the Alarm ID and password from the sticker.

Then enter the ID and password and follow the guide to enter into your account email, user name etc.


•5. How do I add/enroll new sensors after the installation?

Ensure the system under “disarm”mode,”

-  Go to the menu ´Device’ in the IP app

-  Select ‘+´ to add Device

-  Select the appropriate device illustrated.

-  Press ´Enroll´ and follow the instructions in the Video.

-  Wait for the confirmation from the server.

-  After enroll, edit the location name of the device.

-  Done…


•6. How can I know if the enroll sensors is successful or fail?

If your enroll succeeded, Red light of alarm host will flash quickly for 5seconds and the acoustic buzzer sound with 5 beeps at same rate as red light flashes.

But if your Enroll failed, Red light of alarm hot will be off, and Acoustic buzzer sound 1.5 s.


1. Can be set with 99 wireless zone, and each zone can learn 1pc of accessories.

2. Broken connections are monitored 24/7 by the IP Cloud. If the connection is interrupted the user gets notified.

3. IP Cloud Alarm FC-300 continuously streams data between the base unit and the cloud. The Cloud checks the data and convert it to useful information presented on the users mobile device.

4. By multi users of the same alarm system it is important that all users are update with the same information.

5. Command for Arm delay,Alarm delay, Alarm zone with or without intellegent door sensor uploading open or close status function, active siren, close siren can be set through Internet.

6. Learn Remote Control and Detector ; Delete Remote Control and Detector.

7. Operate Alarm panel Away Arm,Home Arm, Disarm, Emergery Alarm through Internet.

8. Support setting alarm zone with intellegent door sensor function: triggerred by open or close door, and upload Status of Alarm zone

Sensor system capability (Total: 99):

1) 10 pcs Remote controls

2) 19 pcs Smoke detector or gas detector

3) 40 pcs Door /Window sensor

4) 40 pcs Motion detectors

Alarm Zone:

There is 100 alarm wireless zone in total for alarm panel.

00   : Wireless Remote control (10pcs in total) 

01-19 : 24hours zone (19 wireless zone in total)

20-59 : Perimeter zone (40 wireless zone in total)

60-99 : Motion zone  (40 wireless zone in total)

Standard package:

IP Cloud Alarm Host * 1pc

Wireless Door/Window Sensor* 1pc

Wireless PIR Detector* 1pc

Remote Control* 1pc

Power supply *  1pc

User manual* 1pc


Power supply: 5V/1000MA

Battery: lithium battery 800MA/H

Standby Current: 220MA

Alarm Current: 310MA

Receiving Frequency: 868.35MHz

Emitting frequency: 868.35MHz

Receiving and emitting distance: More than 100metres under open area

APP: Andriod ,IOS

Battery backup: YES

Certificate: CE

Cloud based IP alarm system with home automation
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