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Key Specifications
868MHz, 99 wireless alarm zone IP Alarm

Cloud IP alarm system is a smarter, more affordable home alarm system for everyone. Remotely arm and disarm the alarm system with the free Andriod /IOS App. If a sensor is triggered, you can be automatically informed with a push or e-mail notification on your Smartphone.

With the Andriod /IOS App you have full control and see the status of your alarm sensors while you are at home, at work or on vacation.

IP Cloud alarm system allows you to monitor your home with your smartphone. With the built-in alarm features, you can remotely arm, disarm, and monitor various activities with this app.

The easy-to-use Andriod/IOS App gives you control of the IP Cloud Alarm System on the palm of your hand.


• No SIM Card!

• No Phone Line Required!

• No monthly fees!

• Easy to hide design!

• Easy to install!

System Operation:

• FullArm/HomeArm

1. Command by IP Alarm app or wireless remote control

2. Acoustic confirmation by the base unit.

3. User notification by push and email

4. By use of Exit delay (Set time 0-59s in IP App)

♦ Acoustic buzzer sounds each second during exit delay

♦ Long sound confirm a successful arm

• Disarm

1. Command by IP Alarm app or wireless remote control

2. Acoustic confirmation by the base unit.

3. User notification by push and email

4. By use of entry delay (Set time 0-59s in IP App)

♦ Acoustic buzzer sounds each second during entry delay

♦Two short sounds confirm a successful disarm

Alarm Host :

The IP Alarm Host keeps watch in your home - even when you are not there.

It is the alarm’s central component. It gathers data and starts the sirens in the event of fire and break-in.

Door/Window Sensor:

Finseen IP Alarm’s door/window sensor is an intelligent switch, which you attach to the doors and windows or other places in your home where you want control or an alarm in the event of a break-in. Generally set as Perimeter zone . If any door or window is opened, it will transmit the alarm signals to the alarm host.

PIR Detector :

Mainly monitor and control indoor space, generally set as Motion zone.

When human body enters into detecting area, the sensor will transmit alarm signals to the alarm host.

Remote Control:

To control the alarm host to arm and disarm.

With the emergency key for urgent help.

FSK technology.


•Operate Alarm panel Away Arm,Home Arm, Disarm, Emergery Alarm through Internet.

• By multi users of the same alarm system it is important that all users are update with the same information.

• Broken connections are monitored 24/7 by the IP Cloud. If the connection is interrupted the user gets notified.

• Command for Arm delay,Alarm delay, Alarm zone with or without intellegent door sensor uploading open or close status function, active siren, close siren can be set through Internet.

• Support setting alarm zone with intellegent door sensor function: triggerred by open or close door, and upload Status of Alarm zone.

• Can be set with 99 wireless zone, and each zone can learn 1pc of accessories.

• Receive push notifications anytime a new activity takes place.

• Easy installation and do-it-yourself (DIY) ,and add up to 109 sensors.

A Standard package:

1pc *IP Cloud Alarm Host

1pc * Wireless Door/Window Sensor

1pc * Wireless PIR Detector

1pc * Remote Control

1pc * Power supply

1pc * User manual


Power supply: 5V/1000MA

Battery: lithium battery 800MA/H

Standby Current: 220MA

Alarm Current: 310MA

Receiving Frequency: 868.35MHz

Emitting frequency: 868.35MHz

Receiving and emitting distance: More than 100metres under open area

APP:Andriod ,IOS

Battery backupYES


Alarm Zone:

There is 100 alarm wireless zone in total for alarm panel.

00 : Wireless Remote control (10pcs in total)

01-19 : 24hours zone (19 wireless zone in total)

20-59 : Perimeter zone (40 wireless zone in total)

60-99 : Motion zone (40 wireless zone in total)

Smart wireless anti-theft IP Cloud alarm system : Home & Business security
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