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Key Specifications
CAV infrared lantern is a simple and discreet enclosure, suitable to be installed in any garden without making it lose its aesthetic appeal.

This product is able to house most of the Twin photoelectric beams used by most of the manufacturers in the industry. Additionally, its illumination system provides light to the place where it has been installed.

The towers can either be mounted directly onto the floor or using the optional floor bracket (MAFB) designed to be set into concrete.

The structure comfortably enables the installation of up to 3 twin beam units, in any Tx and Rx combination.


External pole : O10cm. (3.94〃).

Top cap: 25cm. (9.84〃).

Height : 100cm. (3' 3.4〃).

Base diameter: 27cm (10.63')

Weight : 3.9Kg.

CAV Infrared Lantern and Lamp
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