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Key Specifications

Bosch’s Building Integration System (BIS) features optimized third-party integration that allows connections to even the most complex subsystems, including building management systems with such analog sensor values as temperature, power consumption or oxygen levels, which can now be graphically displayed on the operator client. So for example, by monitoring energy consumption or air quality and temperature, an operator is able to react much earlier and therefore, before a critical situation arises.

Now, with the update to version 3.0, video integration has been further enhanced. It supports any Bosch recording solution from DVR 400/600/700 to BRS (HD) plus the latest VRM version. At the same time, new video devices can be integrated much faster due to frequently updated driver packages. The system can now also act on events triggered by the Bosch Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA), such as automatically initiating an evacuation procedure if an abandoned piece of luggage is detected. Or, if a crowd is forming in front of an emergency exit during a fire alarm, additional exit options could opened.

- Improved performance for large-scale installations
- Optimized video and access management
- Improved user efficiency

Bosch Building Integration System 3.0
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