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Key Specifications

The modular fire panel 5000 series panel now operates with a new serial interface for directly connecting the Bosch plena public address and voice alarm system without any additional contact interfaces. This reduces installation and hardware costs, especially for projects with many evacuation zones. In addition, fire panel networks can easily be tied together with the EVAC system. This makes intelligent operation of the voice evacuation system via the fire panel possible.

With the modular approach adopted for the fire panel 5000 series, Bosch offers its customers fire alarm systems that can be tailored precisely to their needs. It also provides the flexibility for future growth without having to incur the extra costs of installing additional panels. The modules that make up the fire panel system are extremely rugged, with all components completely protected by encapsulated housings to avoid damage from touching or static discharge. Regardless of the size of a building or site, only a few standard modules are required from which the customer can easily construct a system. With 'click-and-go' modules, the system can be extended from one loop to up to 32 loops with more than 4,000 elements. Another major advantage of the 5000 series is the 'hot plug' feature that allows the modules to be plugged in or removed for expansions or modifications while the panel is in operation.

The panels can be arranged in networks and, thus, operate in concert in dispersed applications. In order to handle such complex systems, the networking capabilities have been enhanced. Integration to a building management system is quick and smart and allows customized configurations to be created to meet special needs. And thanks to an extended history log that can record up to 10,000 events, the operational events of such large systems can be fully documented.

Bosch Modular 5000 Series Fire Panel
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