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Key Specifications
VG-868 4-in-1 Integration System
(RF Security,Camera,DVR,3G Network)
VG-868 Integration System combines 4 major security equipments of RF Security,Camera,DVR and 3G Network,and transmits the video images through 3G network to users’ mobile phone,enable the users to monitor the real-time status and to activate the two-way conversation with the persons in site,and,furthermore,be capable to switch the concerned camera and thus to direct its lens accordingly which would not cause any interruption of monitoring process。
VG-868 Integration System can be compatible with any brand alarm control console,or used standalone with 56 wireless sensors and 8 wired devices connected。The sensors are: Wireless D/W sensor、Wireless siren/flasher、Wireless remote control、Wireless smoke sensor、Wireless PIR sensor、Wireless relay、Wireless repeater、Wireless panic button、Transmitter module、Wired device,etc.

Key Features:
• Monitor functions: any screen of the camera connected with BNC channel by mobile in ANY TIME, ANY WHERE.
• Alarm Zone: up to 8 separated security zoned by each camera.
• Alarm service: Intrude, medical, fire, emergency warning types
• Alarm trigger: execute 3 actions of camera; take 3pictures; send SMS to host, dial Video call to master.
• Auto change to trigger screen: mobile can view the new triggered screen during the continuous triggers
• Mobile control: using the mobile MMI to edit the control SMS to operate VG-868 perform.
• Remote control speed dome: room in/out, left/right/up/down by RS485
• System warning: Tamper, Power failed, Low backup battery, Memory Storage full warning.
• Audio channel: can execute the 1-way or 2-way communication.
VG-868 4-in-1 Integration System
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