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Key Specifications
TVS-200IS is ideal equipment for you to conduct screening safely and efficiently of those who may potentially be infected with flu. Body temperature of those infected is expected to be around 38~39°C while adult human normal temperature should be around 36°C. Thermal imaging camera can visualize such temperature difference instantly from safe distance for you to segregate those who may have been infected.


  • FOV(Field of view)

  • 30.6° (H) x 23.1° (V)

  • For wide area measurement (with 14mm standard lens)

  • Temperature resolution 0.08°C (with averaging)

  • Spatial resolution 1.68mm (1pixel size at 1m distance)

  • Top level resolution with non-contact measurement (Accuracy ±1°C: at 30°C Black Body, Center Spot)

  • Alarm Display when detecting temperature over preset value

  • Isotherm function(Color Alarm): Color Display of temperature range over preset value helps to determine abnormal temperature easily.

  • Alarm output function to set up external alarm unit incorporated with lamp and buzzer.

  • Fusion function (Mixing of both thermal and visual image) for easier identification of those being inspected.

  • Video output (NTSC or PAL) enables to connect to external video monitor.

  • Small size & light weight for portability of product.

  • Made in Japan. Japanese export license is required.

Avio TVS-200IS Body Surface Temperature Screening with Alarm Function
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