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  • Country: Canada
  • City: Vancouver
  • Address: Box 378 #101-1001 West Broadway Vancouver, British Columbia V6H 4E4, Canada
  • Contact Person: Maggie Lim
Key Specifications
Avigilonˇs 11 megapixel surveillance camera with digital PTZ is of special interest to security professionals who monitor large public spaces which delivers resolution equivalent to 36 conventional surveillance cameras. Whereas conventional PTZ Systems are unable to monitor the surrounding scene when an operator zooms in on an image to get more detail, Avigilonˇs 11 megapixel surveillance camera with digital PTZ records the entire scene even when zoomed into a particular detail. Avigilonˇs 11 megapixel camera with digital PTZ has full PTZ capabilities on recorded surveillance footage as well, allowing details to be extracted after an incident has occurred.

Featuring high-sensitivity Gigabit Ethernet cameras, ranging in resolution from VGA to 11 megapixels, and high-capacity recorders that capture and preserve surveillance evidence using lossless compression, the Avigilon Performance Surveillance System has been designed end-to-end to ensure maximum imaging performance.

Conventional surveillance systems compromise image quality by using a combination of low resolution analog or IP cameras, which cannot capture detailed surveillance footage, and lossy compression for storage, which destroys important image information. A single weak link in a surveillance system irreparably reduces image quality and therefore the evidentiary value of the images it produces. The leap in image quality that Avigilon delivers is achieved because, unlike conventional surveillance systems, each component of their system has been designed to preserve the high-quality footage captured by its high-resolution cameras.


*Multi-megapixel cameras

*Gigabit transmission

*Lossless recording

*Enhanced viewing

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Avigilon Performance Surveillance System
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