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  • ATO Phase Converter

  • Country: Canada
  • City: Tallahassee
  • Address: 1602 Wekewa Nene
  • Contact Person: Phase Converter

Key Specifications
ATO 15 hp single phase to 3 phase converter's power source uses electronics to generate AC waves (or, for three-phase converters, three separate AC waves, 120 degrees apart), which can produce the ideal sine wave.

Single phase to three phase converter can operate reciprocating and rotary screw compressors safely and efficiently. They deliver large momentary current for hard starting loads and always supply perfectly balanced voltage under all load conditions. The sine wave output voltage allows digital phase converters to safely power the control electronics of rotary screw compressors. When used in the power supply mode, the converter can be continuously powered with very little power consumption when the compressor is not running and operate at 95-98% efficiency when powering the compressor at full load. See more information:
15 HP Single Phase to 3 Phase Converter
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