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Key Specifications

SurroundVideo Omni G2 Overview


The SurroundVideo Omni G2, new generation multi-sensor camera design, meets the highest level of flexibility. The unique, future-proof platform provides organizations of all sizes the flexibility to deploy a security system that truly matches their current video surveillance needs, and the simplicity to make changes if you need to in the future. The SurroundVideo Omni G2, pushes the ease of installation even further providing users with four (4) remote focus lens options on a unique 360° magnetic track encompassed in a single indoor/outdoor, impact-resistant housing.



The SurroundVideo Omni G2 series features a choice of 12- or 20-megapixel resolution options. These cameras include four individual true day/night sensors that provide an all-in-one solution for capturing wide area video surveillance while maximizing the field-of-view and reducing the total number of cameras required; saving installers time and end users money.



For added flexibility, users can place the four individual three-axis lens gimbals independently in nearly any configuration on the track for applications such as to see down all four hallways or on the corner of a building for a 270° view. The three-axis lens adjustment provides users with more camera placement options, allowing the cameras to be easily mounted on a wall or ceiling so they can rotate the lens in a variety of directions for a precise field of view. The customization of this camera is unparalleled offering a range of interchangeable lens options for each individual sensor including 2.1, 2.8, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16mm options. Once mounted, the operator can quickly focus the camera remotely, eliminating the need to adjust the camera on-site. No more hassle individually installing multiple cameras to cover a wide area, manually focusing lenses, or risk of missing critical information.


Rugged Design

SurroundVideo Omni G2 is designed for demanding environments. Subjected and certified to rigorous dust and water tests, the IP66 rating, and its extended operating temperature range make it ideal for outdoor applications. The IK-10 rated, rugged dome housing is perfect for deterring vandals since it can withstand the equivalent of 55 kg (120 lbs) of force.



Ease of Installation

The camera's interface allows for an intuitive, fast, and easy configuration. The Free AV IP Utility tool allows users to quickly configure multiple cameras at one time. The SurroundVideo Omni G2 is PSIA (Physical Security Interoperability Alliance) compliant, providing interoperability between network video products regardless of manufacturer.


Challenging Lighting Conditions

For applications with bright or over saturated lighting conditions, the optional wide dynamic range feature delivers up to 100dB at full resolution (select 12MP models). For applications with poor lighting conditions, Binning Mode increases the camera’s low light performance by combining pixels so that more light can be collected.




* 12MP Resolution

* 4 X 8mm Lenses

* 3-Axis Gimbal

* Remote Focus

* True Day/Night

* Surface Mount

* Power Over Ethernet

* Indoor/Outdoor

* IP66 Weather Rated

* IK10 Vandal Resistant



Arecont Vision AV12275DN-08 SurroundVideo Omni Mini Megapixel Camera
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