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  • Country: United States of America
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  • Contact Person: Jeff Whitney

Key Specifications

The Unique Needs of Retail
In large department stores or the corner market, all retailers face increasing loss from shoppers and staff alike. Arecont Vision understands the unique needs of this market and provides megapixel technology to specifically meet those needs.

Applications and Solutions
Megapixel for Retail
* Overall security with enough detail for customer and staff ID and vehicle/license plate ID
* Uniforms make ID more challenging – Megapixel provides the ability for facial detail
* Improve staff productivity
* Decrease shrinkage
* Resolve staff and customer disputes
* Protect employees, customers and business
* Ability to cover more with less (instead of manpower to control PTZs, panoramic cameras can cover it all of the time)
* Increased detail equals better forensics and reduced time from police and security professionals in post event investigations
* Monitor daily business
* Forensic documentation to build cases
* Provide security, situational awareness, life safety and merchandising
* Prevent fraudulent claims
* Quantifiable return-on-Investment

* POS integration
* Cash register
* Entry/exit
* Parking lots * Selling floors * Aisles * Loading dock * Storage rooms

Remote accessibility
* Monitor video between administration offices and remote locations

Easy future-proof integration
* Megapixel provides better image quality
* Easily migrate existing system to HD

Scalability and flexibility
Easily expand your system to meet growing needs

Cost effectiveness – lower total cost of ownership
* Fewer cameras, licenses and accessories
* Use existing infrastructure
* Lower maintenance
* Lower operational costs

Distributed intelligence
* Put intelligence where you want it – motion detection or system based analytics
* Reduce false alarms
* Proven technology
* Thousands of installations across the entire security market
* Applicable to any installation

Arecont Retail Solution
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