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IP Surveillance, Intrusion Detection
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  • Androvideo Inc.

  • Country: Taiwan
  • City: Taipei City
  • Address: 9F., No.467, Sec. 6, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Nangang Dist.
  • Contact Person: Amanda Tsai
Key Specifications
*Key Features:

1.Snapdragon™ 600 series

2.Up to 10K face database

3.10 concurrent faces

4.Triple streaming at H.265 / H.264

5.Up to 30 fps at 4K

6.Recognition within 1.5 seconds

* Application scenario:

1.Access Control/ Attendance Management

• Open API allows seamless integration with existing access control system.

• Realtime notifications upon intrusions.

• Event management is made easy with history search/filtering/export functions.

2.VIP/ Blocklist Management

• Realtime notifications on both mobile devices and desktops allows faster response to incidents in many scenarios.

• Historic presence of VIP or blocklisted subjects can be searched,exported or otherwise managed intuitively on the apps.

3 Face Count/ Age & Gender Detection

• Simply keeping track of visitor count opens up doorways to greater business insight.

• With the data API, correlation between customer preferences and age/gender data can be easily computed and allows further analysis.

* About AndroVideo:

AndroVideo Inc.was founded in 2015 in Taiwan. AndroVideo aims to establish the next-generation camera platform that delivers value beyond security and business intelligence across network camera infrastructures.

We focus on the integration of high-end performance SoC and the high-definition lens in hardware as to achieve A.I. on the Edging Device and develop features of SoC and artificial intelligence in software to achieve software integration services on the cloud. AndroVideo’s edge side AI camera has the capability of self-determination, just like human beings that are able to perceive situations through eye contact and decide how to run process by the brain. Our edge side AI camera is not only made for large enterprises , but also can work timely and efficiently to deal with any situation. The solution effectively protects your life and property safety, helps to resolve kinds of problems without complicated system setup and expensive installation cost.

As our mission statement goes: “Bring AI to camera world”, AndroVideo is proud to work together with Open Security and Safety Alliance to create and promote standards, specifications and best practices for a common platform and ecosystem for security and safety solutions. Our new cameras based on the commonly agreed standards, specifications and ecosystem enable users to take full advantage of the potential of the Internet of Things such as Artificial Intelligence applications running at the edge of the camera.

MD1 AI edge camera (8MP H.265 Low Lux WDR IP Cam Dome with Facial recognition)
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