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Key Specifications

For most doors, particularly internal doors, a Briton mechanical lock case represents the most effective and direct means of providing privacy and security for commercial applications.
All Briton lock cases have Grade 3 category of use and can be used on internal and external doors.
Where locks are incorporated in doors which are on an escape route in an office suite for example, lock cases should be certified to EN 179 for emergency exit use. Such locks can be operated by a single action on the lever in the direction of the escape route which will withdraw the latchbolt and the deadbolt simultaneously to give immediate escape.

Key Feature
* Modular dimensions across a range of functions allows for factory preparation of doors and frames
* Allows simple replacement of the cylinder if keys are lost or stolen to quickly reinstate security
* Cylinders available in various functions to fine tune the operating characteristics of the lock
ƒ * Cylinders available allow sophisticated multi-level master keying for access control
* Modular dimensions allow for lock interchangeability to upgrade security

Allegion Briton5400/5500/5600 locks and cylinders
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Allegion Briton5400/5500/5600 locks and cylinders
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