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  • Country: Denmark
  • City: Kongens Lyngby
  • Address: Firskovvej 6, 2800 Lyngby
  • Contact Person: Claus Højer Hansen

Key Specifications
Safecon is used to receiving and processing all signals and alarm types, including fire- and smoke alarms, intrusion- and duress alarms, emergency- and elevator alarms, video alarms, technical alarms, GPS tracking, IoT signals etc.
Through a customer driven development process, we provide you with a scalable and state-of-the art incident- and alarm monitoring platform, which ensures reduced response times, enhanced profitability, productivity and quality of service.

Use Safecon
When you want to change your current and outdated incident management system to a contemporary, cost saving and flexible system.

When you consider establishing a new Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) or Central Monitoring Station (CMS) with probably the most reliable ARC/CMS software in the market today.

When you are a business or institution wishing to collect and monitor signals/alarms from multiple systems into a single system. Let Safecon monitor and process signals from e.g. your comfort and energy management systems (CTS and BMS), access control, anti-intrusion devices, fire detection systems and TV monitoring.

When you are operating an airport wanting an integrated airport security management solution that fits the complex security needs of modern airports. In one single platform you will be able to handle all incidents and tasks across the airport. Real-time overview of incidents, tasks and progress as well as full operational picture of security personnel and resources.

When you are an educational institution, e.g. a school or university wanting to protect students, faculty and employees. Such institutions can save valuable budgetary funds by bringing their monitoring in house. Take back control of your command center by ensuring your team is the first responder to the scene.

When you are a municipality wanting to take control starting to monitor alarms and signals from care- and elder homes via our smaller manned or unmanned platforms enabling direct signals to care personnel on duty.

The SAFECON platform is
• 100% availability (zero downtime, neither planned nor unplanned)
• Distributed Alarm Receiving Centre concept
• Any size central station
• Growth in all dimensions feasible (customers, operators, servers, transactions, etc.)
• Fast return on investment
• Easy to use and easy to learn
• Combination of leading technology and market standards
• Designed to automate all aspects of your security assets to ensure you get the most out of your security investments.
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