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Key Specifications
Fire Alarm Cable

Designed for wiring fire & security alarms, smoke detection, signaling fire protective circuits and other low voltage circuits that are power limited


Solid or stranded bare copper,

Color coded PE insulation

100% aluminium/polyester foil shielded

Tinned copper drain wire


Insulation Color: Red, Black

Jacket Color: White/Red

Standard Packing 100m, 500FT, 200m, 1000FT, 500m

Technical Data

Operation Temperature: -15°C to +70°C

Installation Temperature: ≥0°C

Rated Voltage: 300/300V

Reference Standards

BS4737: Intruder alarm systems in buildings

BS6746: PVC Insulation and Jacket

NEC 760, UL List FPLR

2 Cores Fire Alarm Cable FR-PVC/LSZH/ROHS

Part No. Cross Sectional Area m m2 Conductor

mm Insulation

mm Shield Jacket

mm Conductor Resistance

@ 20°C Insulation Resistance


AP-AE2*0.9 0.64 1/0.90 1.32 / 2.5×3.9 29.20 Ohms/km 0.013 Ohms/km

AP-AE2*0.5 0.5 1/0.80 1.40 AL-Foil+7/0.20 Drain Wire 2.60×4.0 36.0 Ohms/km 0.015 Ohms/km

AP-AE2*0.75 0.75 1/0.97 1.57 2.80×4.35 24.50 Ohms/km 0.012 Ohms/km

AP-AE2*1.0 1.0 1/1.13 1.73 2.93×4.70 18.10 Ohms/km 0.011 Ohms/km

AP-AE2*1.5 1.5 1/1.38 2.18 3.40×5.60 12.10 Ohms/km 0.011 Ohms/km

AP-AE2*2.5 2.5 1/1.78 2.78 4.0×6.80 7.41 Ohms/km 0.010 Ohms/km

Fire Alarm Cable
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