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Key Specifications
Transparent Speaker Cable

Oxygen-free copper conductor offers high strand counts, cables are constructed as parallel zip for easy stripping the cable and flexibility make pulling these cables very convenient. Transparent Loudspeaker Cable is designed for connection and installation of home theater, pro stereo, loudspeaker, audio system or power amplifier and broadcasting systems, transmitting the audio signals amplified by the amplifier.


2 cores fine stranded OFC conductor (highly Flexible)

Transparent PVC/LSZH/FR-PVC/ROHS Insulation

Identification: Stripes

Standard Packing 100m, 500FT, 200m, 1000FT, 500m

Technical Data

Operation Temperature: -15°C to +70°C

Installation Temperature: ≥0°C

Rated Voltage: 300/300V

Reference Standards

BS4737: Intruder alarm systems in buildings

BS6746: PVC Insulation and Jacket

NEC 725/800, UL: CM / CMR, CL2

Part No. Strands/Diameter Cross Sectional Area m m2 Insulation mm Diameter

mm Conductor Resistance

@ 20°C Insulation Resistance

@ 70°C

AP-SC-50 50/0.10 2*0.40 mm2 0.70 mm 2.20×4.40 48.20 Ohms/km 0.014 MOhms/km

AP-SC-100 100/0.10 2*0.79 mm2 0.70 mm 2.60×5.20 24.70 Ohms/km 0.011 MOhms/km

AP-SC-150 150/0.10 2*1.20 mm2 0.80 mm 3.0×6.00 15.80 Ohms/km 0.010 MOhms/km

AP-SC-200 200/0.10 2*1.57 mm2 0.80 mm 3.30×6.60 13.0 Ohms/km 0.010 MOhms/km

AP-SC-300 300/0.10 2*2.36 mm2 0.80 mm 3.60×7.20 7.40 Ohms/km 0.009 MOhms/km

Loudspeaker Cable
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