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Key Specifications
CCTV Siamese cable AP-SIA-RG59+2*0.5 is a top quality cable designed for powering analog CCTV cameras and transmitting video signals.

The latest high-performance analog CCTV cameras require appropriate quality of transmission medium. It is unacceptable to use them with low-quality, quickly degrading cables.

AP-SIA-RG59+2*0.5 has excellent parameters and are produced under strict technological discipline. We guarantee perfect and stable video transmission.

Main features:

? highest-quality materials, strict technological discipline

? 90% copper braid coverage,

? two copper power wires up to AC220V of 0.50 mm2 intersection (each wire),

? wide temperature range of installation and operation,

? preliminary quality control of materials and thorough tests of the final product,

? typical size of RG-59 cable: copper core diameter 0.59 mm, braid diameter 3.7 mm, outer diameter 6.15 mm,

? meter markers,

Reference Standards

NEC 820, UL list CM

EN 50395:2005, EN 50396:2005, EN 60228:2005, EN 60811-1-2, EN 50117-2-4:2005/A1:2008,

IEC 1196-1, EN 501117.

The cables are available in 100 or 200m rolled coils covered by box, and 500 m spools.


Name CCTV Siamese Cable

Code AP-SIA-RG59+2*0.5

Impedance of Coaxial Cable [Ω] 75+/- 3

Capacitance of Coaxial Cable [pF] 67+/- 2

Wave Reduction Factor [%] 66

Operating Temperature [oC] -15...+70

Operating Relative Humidity [%] 0...100

Installation Temperature [oC] 0...+50

Minimum Bending Radius >5

Coaxial Core

Material Solid Bare Copper

Diameter [mm] 0.59+/- 0.01

Resistance [Ω/km] 59.2

Coaxial Dielectric

Material PE

Outer Diameter [mm] 3.7+/- 0.1

Copper Braid

Percentage of Braid Coverage [%] 90

Number of Wires [pc] 80

Wire Diameter [mm] 0.20

Resistance [Ω/km] 7.6

Coaxial Jacket

Material White PVC

Outer Diameter [mm] 6.15+/-0.20

Thickness [mm] 0.80

Power Cables

Number of Wires [pc] 2

Intersection [mm2] 0.50 (28/0.15mm)

Structure Stranded Copper Wire

Maximum Voltage [VAC] 220

Resistance [Ω/km] 36.0

Resistance of Isolation at 70 oC [kΩ/km] 13.0

Outer Diameter [mm] 5.0


Frequency [MHz] Attenuation [dB/100m]

1 1.0

50 7.7

100 11.1

200 16.2

300 20.4

500 27.2

800 35.5

1000 40.4

1500 50.1

2000 56.6

CCTV Cable
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