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  • Aeon Lighting Technology Inc.

  • Country: Taiwan
  • City: New Taipei City
  • Address: F16-8, No2., Jianba Rd., Zhonghe Dist.
  • Contact Person: Joanne Wong

Key Specifications
ALTLED makes your shop and merchandise more vivid!
Diamonds and other jeweled stones will sparkle and shine in quality lighting. a good diamond will look dull under low CRI lights whereas it will burst with life if the lights are high in quality with high CRI.
ALT''s designer lights with high CRI is a combination of exquisite design and durable performance, which will provide constant quality lighting.
LED Lighting, Jewelry Store & Display Lighting
Other Products
LED Bulb, Refrigeration Lighting - A55
LED Lighting, Refrigeration LED Lighting - PAR Lamp
LED Lighting, Jewelry Store & Display Lighting
LED Floodlight, Cold Region Floodlight, Refrigeration Lighting
LED T8 Tube, LED Light, Refrigeration Lighting
LED Bulb MR16 - ALTLED Asteria Series
LED Street Light, Cold Region Street Light, Refrigeration Lighting
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