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Key Specifications
 State-of-the-art IP Server encodes analog video to high-quality digital for transmission

to ViconNet NVRs

 Powered by ViconNet version 3 software

 Perfect solution to convert existing analog systems to digital

 Maximum video transmission rate of 30 fps (25 fps PAL) at 720 x 488 pixels (4 CIF) (864 x 586 PAL)

 Uses optimized proprietary compression based on MPEG4 that optimizes data and maximizes picture quality

 Four alarm inputs/outputs and 2 audio inputs/outputs

The KTX-4 Four-Channel Server is a powerful IP video source for a complete digital video

management system based on ViconNet software platform. It is fully compatible with all ViconNet

systems and is remotely managed and controlled from ViconNet workstations and Kollector Elite

recorders. This four-channel server delivers up to 120 fps of high-quality video across the network.

The KTX-4 provides a total nominal bandwidth of 1.7 Mbps at Q5 (360 x 244 pixels).

Equipped with a 100 Mbps LAN interface board, the server allows direct plug-in to a network

switch. Images received from cameras connected to it can be displayed, recorded or archived

using the ViconNet NVR workstations.

The KTX-4 provides up to 4 CIF resolution (720 x 488) at 2 levels of compression, Normal (optimized)

MPEG4 and Full (JPEG). ViconNet utilizes an MD5 video authentication algorithm used to identify

data integrity. In addition, video from any ViconNet server supports museum search, motion

detection, full PTZ control, alarm input/output, audio input/output, picture quality configuration, external sensors and macros.

The KTX-4 distributes its own collected video to each workstation, or other Kollector Elite

Server, upon request over a network. Each recorder and workstation is capable or viewing 16

simultaneous cameras while supporting archiving, system configuration and the control of

pan/tilt/zoom drives. The KTX-4 includes full single-channel video transmission that can be

displayed on an SVGA monitor and supports NTSC/EIA and PAL/CCIR video cameras.

KTX-4 Four-Channel Digital Video Server
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