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Key Specifications
 Powered by ViconNet software Version 3

 Microsoft Windows XP Embedded operating system

 Graphical Map feature supports realistic camera location (a workstation equipped with dual output VGA card will allow showing the Map on a dedicated monitor while viewing video on the other)

 Models available with up to 1.6 TB internal HD space

 Maximum recording rate of 480 fps automatically optimized for maximum recording rate per channel

 Hybrid proprietary compression based on MPEG4

 Museum Search (Smart Search) feature scans hours of video in minutes

 Video Motion Detection uses ¨Region of Interest〃 feature to enable alarms triggered by motion

 16 alarm inputs (NO or NC) and 8 relay alarm outputs (dry contact)

 Includes 16x4 analog video matrix on the rear panel controlled by the software locally and over the network

 Archive segments of video to a CD-R/CD-RW/DVD with viewer for playback on a standard PC

 Maximum resolution of 480 TV lines @ 720 x 488 (576 TVL @ 864 x 586 PAL) pixel capture without

loss of video quality

 Simultaneous record, playback and transmission of up to 16 digital video and audio channels

 Macros are used for programming recording, alarm and display events

 Remote setup from any Kollector Elite or workstation

 16 individual RS-422 ports for PTZ/Dome Control - no need for a distribution unit

 Built-in GUI provides quick setup of live view and playback video without affecting recording

Kollector Elite 16-Channel Digital Video Recorder
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