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  • Country: Netherlands
  • Address: Zuidelijk Halfrond 4, 2801 DD Gouda, the Netherlands
  • Contact Person: Kate Huber
Key Specifications
The Siqura i-NVR Elite is a cost-effective, highly reliable rack mount video storage solution. With the supplied Operator Storage or MX SDK, the i-NVR Elite forms an essential part of the video surveillance application for storing and retrieving vital video information. It has full support for video streams of the video codecs/servers and IP cameras. The NVR supports scheduled background recording in a FIFO cyclic buffer and alarm track recording with configurable pre- and post-event duration. Tracks can be retrieved based on camera name, time/date, event, and user-definable bookmarks. Simultaneously handle background recording of 64 streams, retrieving of up to 32 tracks and event-driven recording, while carrying out all management tasks. Operation is without the need for a central server or storage manager, thus eliminating the risk of a single point of failure in complex networks. The mechanical housing is a 2U or 4U industrial 19-inch housing with eight or 16 hot-swappable hard disk slots respectively. All components are hcosen for their reliability and optimal performance for 24-7operation.
Siqura I-NVR Elite
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