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  • Country: Netherlands
  • Address: Zuidelijk Halfrond 4, 2801 DD Gouda, the Netherlands
  • Contact Person: Kate Huber
Key Specifications
The Siqura BC24 WDR is a box camera providing high resolution images. The BC24 WDR has dual-stream capability for simultaneous streaming of MPEG-4 and M-JPEG video. The M-JPEG video has multi-megapixel resolution, four times that of VGA, gives more detail than a traditional analog high-resolution camera. Two-way audio enables observer-subject communications. In situations where the observed object is unclear due to being under- or overlit, such as in a hallway entrance with many windows, backlight compensation improves image exposure by using the light near the object as a reference. Wide dynamic range solves the problem of overlit images by taking the best of two pictures with different light references. Under poor light conditions, this camera automatically becomes infrared sensitive by removing the IR-cut filter. This day/night feature ensures that even in minimal light the camera still produces clear images. This megapixel camera can be powered by 12 VDC or 24 VAC (terminal block) or over the network (Power over Ethernet). The use of CMOS sensor technology results in low power consumption.
Siqura BC24 WDR Box Camera
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