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Key Specifications

* CCTV networks requiring full duplex data and/or audio transmission between cameras and either control centre

* Transportation communications systems

* Distance learning

* Extremely high quality video conferencing

Features & Benefits:

* One way optic transmission of video plus full duplex transmission of two audio channels, three data channels and one relay contact channel

* Video bandwidth of 10MHz

* Transmission of alarm and control signals from the camera site

* Remote control of Pan, Tilt and Zoom for video surveillance.

* CD-quality digital audio

* Full duplex 2-wire audio intercom with 100Hz to 5kHz bandwidth and associated on hook/off hook signalling with industry standard RJ11 connector

* Operating range of at least 5km on multimode and 50km on singlemode fiber with standard devices and greater than 100km with optional lasers

OSD430T / 430R FM Fiber Optic Video, Audio & Data Modem Pair
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