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Key Specifications
With multiple biometrics for finger and face as well as standard wireless communications, the IBIS Mobile Identification System captures forensic-quality fingerprint images and photographs for multiple databases, delivering responses in minutes. Through connecting databases, users can get quick ID information in a variety of wireless environments or even remote locations.

Subject photo and forensic fingerprints are captured on IBIS handheld devices, then fingerprint data is packaged into a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standard record and sent to the IBIS sever via available wireless networks. The server then submits the transactions to one or more designated automated fingerprint-identification system (AFIS) databases for matching.

Finally, the IBIS server processes match results. If a match occurs, the server forwards identity informationname, date of birth, recent mug shot, warrant information and other defined file historiesback to the IBIS handheld device wirelessly. If there is no match, the server wirelessly transmits a no-hit, signifying that the subject has no arrest record and no warrants on file.

IBIS is made up of two main componentsa wireless handheld device and a central server that interfaces with standard law-enforcement databases such as AFIS, warrant files, gang files, jail-management files, mug-shot databases, record-management systems (RMS), computer-aided dispatch and more. The handheld unit incorporates a one-inch by one-inch forensic-quality optical sensor that captures non-proprietary NIST standard fingerprint images, a camera and a standard wireless card.

Additionally, because IBIS can be configured to interface with a variety of databases and process multiple subjects simultaneously, it allows users to better leverage resources, increases safety and efficiency, and also meets agency needs.

Using IBIS mobile devices helps identify potentially dangerous wanted subjects and even prevents innocent people from being detained, inconvenienced and falsely arrested.

IBIS Wireless Mobile Finger/Face dentification System
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