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Key Specifications
The TouchPrint captures maximum pore and friction ridge details at 1,000 ppi capture resolution, functioning regardless of dry or wet fingers and hands. The TouchPrint Enhanced Definition 3800 Live Scan provides an integrated full-hand scanner, capturing fine details and minutiae of entire subject hands, including hard-to-capture palm cups and writer's edges, all in a single pass at 1,000 ppi resolution. Furthermore, a single stationary camera, fewer moving parts and noncoated, cylindrical platen surfaces reduce operator-to-operator and subject-to-subject variability, ensuring maximum uptime. The Full Hand Scanner comes as a built-in component to the TouchPrint Enhanced Definition 3800 Live Scan, which goes far beyond FBI Appendix F requirements to offer a higher dimension in fingerprint image quality. The result is a system that helps users make better identifications, giving them the edge.
TouchPrint Enhanced Definition 3800 Live Scan
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