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Key Specifications
DSC is pleased to announce the new DSC PowerSeries future-smart control panels and keypads. With more than 100 added features, the DSC PowerSeries establishes a whole different level of value with an advanced new technology platform.

The new DSC PowerSeries provides a higher level of security. The control panels support wireless, video, IP, wireless communicators, home automation, plus provides added feature enhancement for the future. They offer a 500-event buffer, programmable daylight savings time, night zone, automatic Contact ID and partitionable auto-arm timer.

The new DSC POWERSERIES keypads are high-quality, slim-profile keypads which use advanced plastics technology to achieve a clean, unobtrusive look that homeowners welcome and installers will appreciate for their easy programming and installation. The keypads feature an input/output terminal that can be programmed to operate as a zone input, programmable output or as a low temperature sensor. The keypads also include adjustable backlit keys that address low-light situations and five programmable keys for simple one-button activation of system functions. The keypads are fully backwards compatible with all POWERSERIES control panels.

DSC has worked with customers to develop a platform that strikes a balance between advanced technical innovation and popular, practical systemssystems that are easy to sell, easy to install, easy to program, easy to upgrade and easy to use. Transition from the existing platform to the new one should be simple, as the same programming, backward compatibility and total support is maintained while vastly improving the value for customers.

DSC PowerSeries Control Panels and Keypads
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