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4channels 3G-SDI Fiber Optic Transmitter and Receiver

DLX-HDVOP-G 3G-SDI series of products adopts ASIC and advanced digital video, high-speed TDM and Gigabit CWDM technology to provide uncompressed high quality transmission systems for one channel 1920×1080@60Hz 3G-SDI video, up to 4channels USB2.0, 1channel bi-directional RS232/RS485/RS422 and 1channel audio signals over single fiber. Each channel of SDI support 2channels SDI output(optional), no need extra SDI distributor. RS232 can support SONY standard(optional),Support transmission of broadcast grade 1080p/60fps Full-HD video, 24bit CD HI-FI audio and high-speed data. Support active regeneration and extraction of SDI clock/data. Auto-adapt to 143Mbps,270Mbps,1.483Gbps,1.485Gbps,3.2Gbps rate and various HD or standard video. Compatible with SMPTE 424M,SMPTE 25,SMPTE 305M,SMPTE 310M,SMPTE 344M,SMPTE 292M,SMPTE 295,DVB-ASI standards. Compared with the same kind of analog transmission systems that employ accidental amplitude or frequency modulation, DLX-HDVOP-G products provide better transmission in quality. Support network of tree structure, star structure, ring structure and topology etc. DLX-HDVOP-G adopts Modularized design, support function expanded.
In the HD video application system, if use common copper cable for long distance transmission, it will always show the poor output signal, be liable for the interference, the image displayed appears the phenomenon of the vague, the tailing and color separation etc. At the same time, the distance of transmission is short, it can not meet the requirement of long distance transmission for the multimedia information issuing etc. using the DLX-HDVOP-G optical transmitter and receiver for transmitting 3G-SDI signals, this kind of problem has been completely solved, the distance of transmission is from 1km to 80km. In the mean while, the optical transmitter and receiver has the outstanding points with a little attenuation, frequency bandwidth, strong anti-interference, high safety performance, small volume and light in weight etc., therefore, it has incomparable advantages in the respect of the special environment and the long distance transmission.
● High Way & Toll Station Surveillance
● Subway PS System
● Visual command of military bases
● Visual Intelligent Outdoor Surveillance System
● Telemedicine systems
● Digital video display
● Surveillance and cable TV system
● Intelligent traffic monitoring system
● High Quality Video Conference
● Live Broadcast and TV program transmission
● Long-distance multimedia teaching
● Industrial Closed Circuit Television Surveillance

● Max. 1920×1080@60Hz resolution
● Support transmit 1-4channels of 3G-SDI video(4channels USB2.0, 1channel bi-directional RS232/RS485 /RS422 and 1channel audio signals optional) over one fiber
● High accuracy PCR adjusting, average dithering is 20-60ns
● Auto-adapt to 143Mbps,270Mbps,1.483Gbps,1.485Gbps,3.2Gbps rate
● Supports All standards of HD-SDI and compatible with SMPTE 424M,SMPTE 25,SMPTE 305M,SMPTE 310M,SMPTE 344M,SMPTE 292M,SMPTE 295,DVB-ASI etc.
● Clock recovery function, Auto balanced cable length
● Support output distribution. Each SDI support 2channels SDI output, no need more SDI distributor(optional)
● RS232 compatible with SONY standard is optional
● Standalone,19inch 1U type and 3U rack mounted type optional, up to 21pieces 3G-SDI fiber converters be installed in 19inch 3U chassis.
● Modularized and industrialized design ensuring reliability and flexibility
● Fiber connector is LC,SC/FC/ST optional
● 10 digit coding and non-compression video transmission
● Industry grade components , ESD protection design, Aluminum-alloy case
● Unique Power Polarity protection, Power wrong connection protection, Auto-recover after fault been remove
● Support 1+1 dual power supply to ensure safe and reliable power supply
● No EMI, no RFI etc.
● Indicators for Power Supply, Video, Optic-link and Data-loop
● Free from In-field Adjustment
● Flexible and Easy Mount
● Protection against lightening strike and surge
● Transmission distance: 20km,40km,60km,80KM optional(Single-mode)

Optical index
Wavelength Single-mode:1310/1550nm,DFB:1260~1610nm
Space of wavelength 20nm
Optical power 0 dBm ~ -3dBm/-5dBm ~ -10dBm
Number of fiber One or Four cores optional
Receiving Sensitivity ≤-26dBm
Connector LC(SC,FC,ST optional)
Bandwidth of single wavelength 3G
Max. power budget 15dbm/20dbm/25dbm/30dbm
Distance 0-80km
Standard input/output level 1Vp-p(typical), Min.0.5Vp-p, Max.1.5Vp-p
Reflection loss >15dB
Equalization 0-150m @ 3.2Gb/s
Isolation <-85db(10MHz)
Signal level 800mV(standard)
Up/down time 200ps(standard)
Overshoot <10%
Jitter <0.2UI
Connector Full-Copper BNC(75ohm)
Audio (support forward, reverse or bi-direction audio)
Input/output impedance 600ohm(balanced) or 1000ohm(unbalanced)
Input/output level 4Vp-p(typical)
Bandwidth 20Hz~20KHz
Sampling frequency 48KHz
Digitization: 24bit
Total harmonic distortion 0.1%
SNR >85dB
Connector Terminal Plug with screw clamps/RCA
Data interface
Interface Type RS-232/485/422, Manchester, Biphase
Operation Mode Full-duplex/Half-duplex
Data Rate DC-115.2Kbps/DC-2Mbps
BER <10E-12
Connector RJ45/ Terminal Plug with screw clamps
Operation temperature -30℃~+75℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+85℃
Relative humidity 0-95% Non-Condensing
MTBF ≥10e5 hours
Power Supply AC 100V~260V or DC 48V,DC24V,DC12V
Standalone type 200(L) x 138(W) x 33(H)mm
19inch,1U type 480(L) x 250(W) x 45(H)mm
19inch,3U chassis 480(L) x 290(W) x 135(H)mm
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