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TVT Launches TVI: New HD-over-Coaxial Solution

TVT Launches TVI: New HD-over-Coaxial Solution

What is TVI?

TVI and HD-SDI both are HD-over-coaxial solutions. However, bottlenecks for HD-SDI still remain, such as transmission distance, storage, and total cost. Now, TVT successfully developed the TVI solution, which is able to solve HD-SDI’s previous problemsby acquiring 90 percent of HD-SDI technology but conducting analogtransmission via coaxial cable. TVI can convert the digital signals to analog ones, it extends the transmission distance, reduces the total cost, and takes less storage capacity. Its distance can reach from 300 to 500 meters via coaxialcables.Furthermore,TVI transmits CVBS 75ohm analog signals, with resolution in 1080P and 720P at 30 frames per second, which is hard to be achieved by other HD-over-coaxial solutions. Users even can just change their old analog cameras and DVRs to TVI cameras and DVRs to get a brand new1080p surveillance system, which doesn’t require any other special knowledge or extra labor cost.

How about the compatibility of TVI?

Many people might have some doubts before choosing a new technology, such as its future compatibility and availability. However, for TVI, there is no such a headache.
TVI comes from a US-based company that does not supply chips to a sole manufacturer, but eventually will also provide chipsets to other manufacturers all over the world. Customers, in the future, can freely choose their TVI suppliers due to the wide-range of supply chains for TVI on the market. Therefore, TVI is more likely to become an industry standard, not a proprietary technology/solution.
As an open solution, TVI is a future-proof technology, which has high interoperability and compatibility with other video surveillance products. For example, TVI DVRs can be compatible with 720p and 1080p cameras from other brands simultaneously. These facts provide many advantages for TVT’s customers, especially to reduce inventory.

What about the business potential of TVI ?

In many countries, unstable bandwidth is still a headache for systems integrators to build up a reliable IP system. Meanwhile, many of them still lack sufficient IP knowledge. Both factors hinder the wide adoption of IP. So, a majority of the installers throughout the world will be more likely to find TVI easier to use. TVI offers a very cost-efficient solution for customers, targeting the middle-to-low-end markets using coaxial cables. HD-SDI, instead, will concentrate on high-end markets.

TVT's TVI product line

To meet the market needs, TVT developed comprehensive TVI product portfolios. The company’s complete TVI product line is ready now — 4/8/16 channel TVI DVRs and cameras, ranging from speed domes and bullet/dome cameras, categorized by price range from high, middle, to entry-level ones, and by resolutions in 1080p and 720p.
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