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What kind of security system is necessary for smart building solutions?
Modern people prefer urban life, and more and more developers are offering "cities within cities" - gated residential complexes, where one can stay within the territory and receive all necessary services at one complex. Theу include apartments, offices, shops, personal services, sports facilities, kindergartens, schools, entertainment and shopping centers.

They all are connected by an invisible thread: CCTV that aims to link the concepts of comfort and security. TRASSIR offers Auto TRASSIR for comfortable access and car entrance to the complex to prevent trespassing by scanning license plates at an extended angle. Other TRASSIR solutions include: Neuro Counter, Crowd Detector, Face Recognition, Social Distance Detector; these work together and prevent blacklisted visitors, assist in incident investigation, search for missing people, etc. All this is integrated with an access control system so the risk of such incidents is minimal.

This approach is implemented in TRASSIR projects in ‘DAP YAPI’, ‘Innovia 2’ and ‘Tema’ residential complexes, where the territory is kept secure 24/7 by using a CCTV system, so the security teams can quickly respond to events for certain scenarios triggered by automated alerts. At the giant mall DownTown Centro in Brazil, a security system was deployed for the best shopping experience, as well as the safety and comfort of employees. At the District Administration (Akimat) Building in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, TRASSIR's system serves as an example of strict security control of a public institution in conditions of confidentiality. In these projects the IP cameras are eyes, VMS collects data so information can be conveniently stored in CMS - a cloud-based web-service with record protection offering the possibility of convenient access to authorized persons and processing to obtain a wide variety of information.

Smart Buildings are becoming more predominant, which is why smart TRASSIR solutions aim to connect and manage a multiplicity of everyday tasks.
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