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TRASSIR is expanding global footprint: LPR starts working in countries of the Middle East, Latin America and Ireland.
TRASSIR, CCTV systems manufacturer and video surveillance software developer, is pleased to announce its LPR (AutoTRASSIR) launch in the countries of the Middle East, Latin America and Ireland. Thanks to its partnership with the governments in these countries, TRASSIR is helping customers ensure security, improve their efficiency, and solve business tasks.

About AutoTRASSIR module

AutoTRASSIR is an AI smart module for identifying, recording, and event searches of vehicles and their license plates. The module automatically detects and determines the vehicle type (motorcycle, passenger car, van, truck, bus) identifies the license plate in real time, stores it, and compares it with white/black lists.

System features:

- highly accurate license plate recognition;
- recognition of any license plate or vehicle;
- license plate recognition for cars from other countries;
- easily admit cars onto the territory;
- flexible configuration of the recognition module;
- distribution of computing to GPU server from low-power DVRs.

It is provided maintenance support, detailed reports, hierarchical logging of recognized autonomous groups, and integration with speed measuring devices and security complexes, including access control and fire alarm equipment (barriers). In automatic mode, the module detects vehicles that are stolen or violate parking rules.

TRASSIR offers the new version of AutoTRASSIR 5, which is compatible with the TRASSIR NeuroStation and QuattroStation series recorders. These servers use hardware graphics accelerators to achieve high efficiency when processing large video streams. The module uses off-load technology to remotely process video on any TRASSIR video recorders; connect them to TRASSIR NeuroStation servers over the network or through the cloud.


TRASSIR is a CCTV systems manufacturer and video surveillance software developer. The company was founded over 21 years ago and has over 5000 customers in 35 countries all around the world.

Since 2002, TRASSIR has been developing solutions for CCTV surveillance and security:

- Professional CCTV surveillance software
- Technical support 24/7
- Comprehensive partnership policy
- CCTV cameras and video recorders

TRASSIR develops unique video analytics systems using artificial intelligence. This is a convenient tool to track what is happening at facilities and immediately receive notifications about important events. Our solutions help owners with different types of businesses, from factories to local shops.

TRASSIR's vast experience and deep understanding of both the security systems market and the needs of its customers have enabled us to create a truly advanced line of TRASSIR cameras to meet the high demands of users. All TRASSIR products can be successfully implemented at facilities of any scale.

All our company's advanced solutions are designed in-house. Our key principle is that modern security solutions should be engineered based on the concept of deep future-proofing and wide-spread compatibility between all system components. This allows the selected elements in the TRASSIR system to work with maximum productivity in a timely and cost-effective manner. This is the backbone of the TRASSIR CCTV surveillance ecosystem.

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