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Suprema Unveils BioStation T2, a High-end Fingerprint IP Access Terminal

Suprema, a leading provider of biometric technologies and ID solutions, unveils BioStation T2, a high-end fingerprint IP access terminal. BioStation T2 is an IP access control terminal offering fingerprint, RFID and PIN authentication with a camera for face image capturing and video phone interface. Its 5 inch touchscreen LCD with intuitive graphic user interface provides superb usability and convenience. The device is loaded with world’s best performing Suprema fingerprint algorithm and powerful dual CPU which achieves unparalleled 1:3,000 fingerprint matches in less than a second.

Covered with sleek flat-panel glass front, BioStation T2 packs array of innovative features on its hardware side. BioStation T2 offers extensive communication interfaces including TCP/IP, WiFi, PoE, RS485 and Wiegand, which gives extra flexibility in system design under various environments. With its gigabyte internal flash memory, it stores up to 1 million access logs, 5,000 face image logs and allowing maximum of 200,000 users. Logs can also be sent to the server with its TCP/IP interface.

In addition, BioStation T2 is fully compatible with the BioStar, Suprema’s integrated IP based distributed access control software. BioStar’s IP-based system concept brings significant cost saving in installation and maintenance by leveraging existing network. The device is preloaded with embedded web server software (BioStar Lite) which allows administrators to control up to 10 Suprema IP access control devices on a web browser without installing any software on PC. The BioStar Lite embedded web server enables comprehensive user/device controls, door configurations, access grouping, scheduling and real-time monitoring for the whole system.

With the introduction of BioStation T2 IP access terminal, Suprema now offers extensive product line-up of biometric and RFID based IP access reader/controller range from simple IP readers to cutting-edge fingerprint and multi-modal biometric terminals.

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