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  • Country: China
  • City: Shenzhen
  • Address: 4-5/F,Aerospace Micromotor Bldg,No.2 Rd, Hi-Tech Ind.Park(N.),Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
  • Contact Person: Ann Wu

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Sunell technology excellent performance at CPSE 2013

On 29th October, The China Public Security Exhibition was held in Shenzhen Exhibition Centre, which is the largest global professional security exhibition, and thousands of exhibitors from all over the world were getting together to show themselves.
During the show, Sunell’s booth is a lively affair where attracted a large number of people on site, and has become one of the magnificent sights of the exhibition.
Highlight 1: The reports from Guangdong Television and other famous security media
During the show, many medias came to interview Sunell, such as Guangdong Television, a&s, China Public Security publishing, China Security & Protection,, etc.
Mr Steven Liu, Chairman of Sunell, Mr Gary Tseng, CEO of Sunell, and Mr Peter Li, Director of Marketing & Technical Centre, be interviewed for EXPO theme of Sunell, and also a deeply communication with the reporter on company strategy and the industry development.

Highlight 2: Sunell colourful on-site activities
On Sunell booth, for the visitors cannot only experience the new technology and new products, but also enjoy the cordial and friendly atmosphere, Sunell held the on-site activities, such as distributing colourful theme bracelets, the spectacular violin show and lottery drawing. One of the activities “collect colourful bracelets call in Security dragon” makes the atmosphere to a climax.

Highlight3: Eye-Catching booth design
“World In View ” as the theme of Sunell, with the creative booth design style, which showed the internationalization. When you enter Sunell’s booth, the world will come into your eyes.

Highlight 4: The visits from the world famous manufacturers, such as Sony
The leadership of Sony Headquarter and Region China come to Sunell’s booth. During the visit , Mr Gary Tseng, CEO of Sunell, Mrs Ann Wu, Vice President of Sunell, and Mr Martin Yang, R&D Director of Sunell, show the guests around the booth ,and a deeply communication between the leaderships .Sunell’s new booth design received high evaluation from Sony. Where after, Mr Gary Tseng awarded Sony “Outstanding Partner”.

Mr Gary Tseng (right 6), CEO of Sunell rewarded for Sony, and group photo (left 1 Mrs Ann Wu, VP of Sunell)
Highlight 5: New products and the on-site reception services
Sunell launched new technology and products, such as True WDR camera, icare cloud for home-use camera, and infrared thermal imaging camera, etc. The demonstrated Sunell series of Products successfully attracts many visitor’s attention. In addition, the professional of Sunell team left a deep impression on visitors.
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