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Long distance transmission of video for CCTV and vehicle camera applications.
Source: SingMai Electronics.
SingMai Electronics have introduced aCViTM, a proprietary interface that allows set-up free transmission of high definition video across >500m of low cost coaxial (e.g. RG-59) or twisted-pair (e.g. CAT-5E) cable with almost no loss of image quality.
aCViTM has applications in industries as diverse as vehicle cameras, subsea inspection, security/CCTV, pipeline inspection, digital signage and remote imaging.
To transmit, just connect your video source (DVI, analogue NTSC/PAL or HD-SDI format) into the appropriate aCViTM transmitter module and connect the output of that module to your cable run. At the receiver connect the aCViTM receiver module to the cable and then the output of the module to your video monitor or recorder (HDMI or HD-SDI format).

No adjustment or user setup is required; aCViTM automatically detects the video standard and automatically compensates for the cable length.
aCViTM supports all common video standards and is available as boxed modules, assembled boards for OEM customers or as intellectual property cores for integration into a customer’s own products.
aCViTM is also available a camera module and modules are available that support remote 3D/stereo inspection. Additionally it also supports the transmission of bi-directional data across the same cable.

For further information please contact:

Daniel Ogilvie, SingMai Electronics.
Tel: +66-81-7576661.

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