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Messoa IP cams compatible with Nuuo NVRs

Messoa Technologies, the expert in low light surveillance technology, announced the expansion of the existing integration with Nuuo to include the Linux-based Titan Series NVR, as well as the PC-based IP+ Software with majority of the Messoa megapixel IP cameras. The integration offers a versatile, cost-effective solution, allowing customers to enjoy more flexibility when choosing products and platforms that best meet their requirements.

The Titan Series NVR is a Linux-embedded enterprise solution perfect for large single site or multi-site deployments. Utilizing the File Ring recording engine, the standalone NVR is optimized for storing and retrieving large amount of megapixel video data. IP+, on the other hand, is a PC-based NVR application featuring interactive E-map, event detection and many intelligent functions for easier management of multiple megapixel cameras up to 128 channels on any PCs that run on Windows.

Through the ONVIF open-platform standards and SDK integrations, the Nuuo NVR and software are now seamlessly interoperated with Messoa IP camera, consisting of NDF820, NDF821, NDF831, NCR870, NDR891, NCB855PRO, NCR875PRO, NCC800, NCB858, NIC910HPRO, NIC930HPRO, NIC950HPRO and NIC990, all featuring superior HDTV video quality up to 30fps with H.264 codec support. Image performance is further enhanced by proprietary Lumii Technology to deliver the sharpest, most detailed images, especially in tough lighting conditions.

Messoa IP cameras now join the other brands that have been integrated with Nuuo’s NVR solutions to offer a viable option for medium to large-scale surveillance projects. The joined effort will enable customers to benefit from the enhanced image quality and the system versatility with this open-platform integration between the two brands.
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