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IP Camera, CCTV
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  • Country: Taiwan
  • City: Taoyuan City, 33068
  • Address: No.10, Dacheng Rd., Taoyuan Dist.,
  • Contact Person: Lily Lin

Company Introduction
MESSOA established since 2003

With brand and channel infrastructure established in 2003; we have developed our place as key role in License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera segment, well known for the traffic application usage with proven success track of record, especially in North America.

MESSOA launch OEM/White Brand service in 2017

MESSOA with 10 years branding practice, identifying customers and communicating with them are our advantages. We embarked on a transforming journey of OEM/White Brand business since 2017, and we are synergizing the efforts of marketing pulling and manufacturing pushing, aiming to provide customers a compelling OEM service with benefits as below:

a. Own-brand with time to market
b. Diversified product line
c. Flexibility of made-to-order
d. High competitiveness

With this transforming process, MESSOA has being more productive and is having a more flexible set up, seizing opportunities for surveillance future growth.

We are customer base value listening to your needs. Being aware of the huge macroeconomic shifting that manufacturers will be operating on a multi-product, made-to-order basis, we comply with the drastic change serving the OEM in flexible scale to further value the customer proximity. Furthermore, we are reinforcing the operation to deliver a friendly, smarter and agile service for customers' satisfaction.
Basic Profile
Country: Taiwan
City: Taoyuan City, 33068
Address: No.10, Dacheng Rd., Taoyuan Dist.,
Business Nature: Manufacturer
Contact Person: Lily Lin
Corporation Brief
Established Year:2003
OEM/ODM experience:yes
Countries of Export:Taiwan
Product Range
IP Camera, CCTV