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Marshall Electronics Unveils 323mm High Temperature Zoom Pinhole Lenses For Industrial Monitoring
Source: Ashley Mangino
New long pinhole zoom lenses improve camera survivability when monitoring high temperature environments up to 1000°C.

El Segundo, CA – The Optical Systems Division of Marshall Electronics has released two 323mm (12.72 inches) High Temperature Zoom Pinhole Lenses designed to monitor hot environments from a greater distance to help protect cameras from heat-related damage. The two new models are V-ZPL-HITEMP-A-323 with a 1.2mm pinhole diameter and V-ZPL-HITEMP-B-323 a 3.8mm pinhole diameter.

Marshall’s 323mm High Temperature Zoom Pinhole Lenses are ideal for high temperature industrial process applications wherein an observation window is structurally recessed. The 323mm lenses can be positioned at the window, where the temperature is the hottest, and the camera can be located at a distance of 323mm. This distance allows space for camera cooling equipment that may not otherwise fit into the window recess.

Both the V-ZPL-HITEMP-A-323 and V-ZPL-HITEMP-B-323 lenses feature stainless steel housing for extreme durability in harsh environments, such as kilns, industrial furnaces, incinerators, and manufacturing plants using high temperature processes. The stainless steel bodies withstand corrosion and high temperatures.

Sapphire and quartz optical elements offer superior hardness and permit short-term lens operation at temperatures reaching 1000°C for up to 10 minutes. The sapphire and quartz elements will withstand impact from scatter sand and gravel, making them ideal for volatile environments. The V-ZPL-HITEMP-A-323 has quartz front elements. The V-ZPL-HITEMP-B-323 has a sapphire front first element and a quartz second element.

The two zoom lenses feature a 3.6mm to 18.0mm focal length (5:1 zoom ratio), CCTV standard CS lens mount, and can be used with 1/3 inch image sensors.

The V-ZPL-HITEMP-A-323 and V-ZPL-HITEMP-B-323 High Temperature Zoom Pinhole Lenses are available now from Marshall Electronics. Learn more at

About Marshall Electronics’ Optical Systems Division

Marshall Electronics' Optical Systems Division supplies lens and camera products to end-user and OEM customers worldwide. Marshall is a global OEM optical products supplier to Tier-1 automotive, leading IP camera, industrial, security, machine vision, military and police equipment Original Equipment Manufacturers. Marshall produces more than 100,000 standard and custom design lens models monthly fulfilling modest to large scale production shipments from our Tier-1 Quality Process Audit-approved production facility. Marshall’s comprehensive line of pinhole, high temperature pinhole, telephoto, and low light lensing is used in law enforcement, military, security and process applications globally.

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