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Marshall Electronics VS-5310 IP Camera and Pinhole Lenses Provide Versatile, Unique Solutions for Business and Manufacturing Surveillance
Source: Marshall Electronics
Marshall Electronics offers surveillance equipment for any environment, including construction sites, factories, retail stores, and banks.

El Segundo, CA – Marshall Electronics announces discreet monitoring solutions for all types of environments, from retail to industrial. The VS-5310 1.3 MP C/CS Day/Night IP Camera works with a wide variety of Marshall pinhole lenses so companies can tailor a solution to fit their specific surveillance needs.

The VS-5310 IP Camera can be used for industrial monitoring or covert surveillance, depending on the pinhole lens chosen. The VS-5310 IP Camera works with any of Marshall’s 33 pinhole lenses due to the versatile C/CS mount.

Wide angle and zoom pinhole lenses are virtually hidden from view. They are effective in banks, office buildings, public buildings, and retail stores. To monitor rooms or hallways, the VS-5310 can be positioned behind a wall with a Wide Angle Pinhole Lens like the V-PL26-CS. The wide angle lens is able to see and record an entire room through a hole less than 0.15 inch. A mini zoom pinhole lens like the V-ZPL-05-01 can provide up to a 120 degree horizontal field of view at 4mm.

For industrial applications, the VS-5310 can be equipped with a Hi-Temp Zoom Pinhole Lens capable of withstanding high temperatures, gravel impact, and scatter sand. Applications might include construction sites and manufacturing plants.

Regardless of which pinhole lens is used with the VS-5310 IP Camera, the video captured can be streamed in multiple high resolutions up to 1280 x 720 at 30fps. The camera features low power consumption and can be powered from POE (Power over Ethernet) or an optional AC Adaptor for local power. SD Card recording capability is provided in the camera and can be triggered to record many ways including Video Motion Detection and an external contact closure. The auto iris lens control adjusts to changing light levels to ensure good video quality in any light.

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About Marshall Electronics

Marshall Electronics' Optical Systems Division supplies lens and camera products to end-user and OEM customers worldwide. Marshall is a global OEM optical products supplier to Tier-1 automotive, leading IP camera, industrial, security, machine vision, military and police equipment Original Equipment Manufacturers. Marshall produces more than 100,000 standard and custom design lens models monthly fulfilling modest to large scale production shipments from our Tier-1 Quality Process Audit-approved production facility. Marshall’s comprehensive line of pinhole, high temperature pinhole, telephoto, and low light lensing is used in law enforcement, military, security and process applications globally.

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