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Can a “follower” compete with “first movers” in video surveillance?
Source: Aleksandr Jesikov
What does it mean to be a “first mover” in simple words? It’s a company that creates a new product or service, or enters with this product or service into a geographic market where it has not yet been introduced. While having the advantage of a completely wide open and untouched market, the companies are taking a huge risk since they can’t be 100 percent sure if the market actually exists.

This risk is worth taking — if you succeed as a first mover you can create your own rules: how to do things, how to offer your services and how much to charge. Indeed, this is something that you can reward yourself with after taking the big risk of making the investment.

But for the customers, this meant that you are playing by the rules that are being dictated as you don’t have any other choice. A good historical example would be the McDonald’s case. When the first restaurants were opened, they used a simple approach – you get a burger as it is. All you could choose was the amount you would like to buy. It was great at the start, but at the end customers started realizing what they want and how they want it, but still had to comply with company policy, where their choice was limited to the quantity. The game changer to all this was Burger King, a follower with a unique selling point (USP) — “Have It Your Way!”

This case exemplifies the fact that it was a “follower” who helped further develop the market and allow customers to “have it their way,” while competing with the first mover.

Luxriot Video Management System (VMS) software was introduced to the market in 2005. By 2016, it was not only known for its quality and stability, but also due to its USP – the Luxriot VMS Enterprise Edition. What is so unique about this Enterprise Edition? Even though customers only pay the standard fixed fees, they can obtain a license that sets no software limitations on the number of channels they could use on the server (of course, hardware limitations apply).

Single USP doesn’t always grant full success of the product. Therefore, Luxriot is also powered by other USPs, like clear product pricing policy, business relations flexibility, and most importantly – easy to reach and swift in response technical support. The same traditions are continued with the new-generation Luxriot Evo software which featured three new products:

- Luxriot Evo Complimentary Edition - a completely free SOHO solution that supports up to 9 channels.
Luxriot Evo S – the modern and feature-packed analog of the Luxriot VMS. The Unlimited Edition holds the same advantages found in the -
-Luxriot VMS Enterprise. Armed with 64-bit performance, the software maximizes hardware utilization at full specs.
- Luxriot Evo Global - Enterprise Central Server solution for multi-server installation is a game changing tool for powerful installations, where follower traditions are being implemented through adjusting well-known features to match market demands and orienting to decrease overall expenses for large system installation, administration and support.

While first movers play a critical role in technology breakthroughs, it’s up to the followers to adjust their offerings to current market demands, and this is what Luxriot stands for.
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