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Kingdy Full IP65 Panel PCs have more GLAN ports for network redundancy or similar communication network applications

Communication network plays a more and more important role in the modern and complicated industrial automation procedure to connect each substation with each other or to the master station. Any failure in the network path may cause uncountable loss. Therefore, more and more factories build network redundancy into their enterprise network infrastructure as a backup mechanism for quickly swapping network operations onto redundant infrastructure in the event of unexpected network outages. To enable such a mechanism, the requirement of having enough LAN ports is an important criterion to create a communication platform in an industrial automation system.

To satisfy such a kind of application or similar, Kingdy upgrades the specifications of its Full IP65 Panel PC Series by adding more optional extra GLAN ports. Compared to original 1 default GLAN port + 1 optional extra GLAN port, the new specificiation is 1 default GLAN port + 3 optional extra GLAN ports for most models. That is to say, Kingdy can offer up to 4 GLAN ports for most Full IP65 Panel PCs.

Of course, all of Full IP65 Panel PCs boast 3 outstanding waterproof designs, including

● IP65-rated 6-sided stainless steel chassis,
● IP65-rated stainless steel connectors, and
● IP65-rated external power adapter;

and make themselves ideal to protect themselves from intrusion of dust / water / oil and corrosion.

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