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Unique Weatherproof Varifocal High Power IR Eyeball Camera
Source: Jason Xiao
IR Eyeball camera has been popular in CCTV market for more than 10 years as one a classic model in CCTV products. It has distinct advantages like: good-looking appearance, 3-Axis adjustment, infrared integrated, easy to install etc. But it only can be built in 30-36 pcs ¢5 IR LEDs because of the dimension limitation, therefore, it’s hard to achieve long IR distance and uniformity luminance
performance in night vision. Moreover, the eyeball camera with normal PCB board do not have
good heat dissipation, the water-proof level is not very good too.

With the improvement of infrared LED technology, high power LED products became popular in CCTV field from 2011. Meanwhile, lots of manufacturers start to develop high power IR eyeball camera, and the camera with fixed lens was promoted to the market constantly. However, due to the housing structure limitation, high power IR eyeball camera with Varifocal lens was still a technical problem which cannot be solved. After research and development, IRLAB has made a breakthrough on the combination of high power IR LED and Varifocal lens, and successfully developed the weatherproof IR eyeball camera with Varifocal lens and high power IR LED in August of 2013. Not only it has the advantages of traditional LED eyeball camera, but also has overcame the original disadvantages in the following points: it can obtain uniformity luminance performance, and the whole IR performance is better than¢5 IR LED products, the IR distance is 30% longer than traditional LED. Besides, it using aluminum PCB board has better heat dissipation, and IP Rating of this camera reaches to IP66.
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