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Ipsotek integration achieves Milestone Solution Partner Certification
Source: Ipsotek
Ipsotek announces the integration of their VISuite with Milestone XProtect? Corporate video management software (VMS) to provide users with a more complete solution in a foundation for long-term success. The integration of VISuite with Milestone XProtect Corporate is a powerful solution to seamlessly manage video surveillance of large areas with many IP networked cameras enhanced by adding Ipsotek video analytics capability. The integrated solution makes it possible to configure and manage VISuite from the Milestone XProtect? Smart Client, the VMS front end user interface. This allows each operator to configure and manage the integrated system from one workstation making it a “Mini Control Centre”.

Ipsotek’s VISuite is a real-time video content analysis (VCA) solution with a unique combination of software running on purpose-built hardware. The solution is customisable and lends itself to customer requirements in a wide variety of environments and scene settings. The unique differentiating factors between VISuite and other VCA solutions are the low false alarm rates, high detection rates and the ease of configuring the system. The integration has been achieved by using the flexible Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK).

Compressed video from XProtect Corporate is received by VISuite via an IP link. The video is decoded and analysed by VISuite for the predefined behaviours. Events/alarms generated by VISuite are reported in XProtect Corporate in real time. Using the XProtect software’s ability to load third-party plugins, the solution allows operators to add Ipsotek’s ‘VISDK Plugin’, capable of displaying video along with overlay of metadata (marking tracks, events etc.). The solution does not suffer from any time synchronisation issues (such as those with alarm reporting time and metadata display which are known in integrations of this type) as VISuite uses the frame timestamp which is embedded in compressed video streams sent by XProtect Corporate.

Ipsotek’s Scenario Based Detection (SBD) allows multiple behaviour detections to be applied simultaneously within the configured alarms. The benefit of SBD is the ability to activate alarms specifically based on pre-defined scenarios consisting of multiple behaviour detections or a series of events which often run concurrently. This detailed understanding of behaviour increases the operators’ efficiency and dramatically decreases false alarm rates whilst allowing them to react and intervene to incidents in real time.

The video analysis output from VISuite is low bandwidth, reliable metadata related to people/vehicle movements (tracks), event detections (alarms) and counting statistics (people/vehicle). Ipsotek’s product pipeline capitalises on VISuite’s metadata in solving complex problems such as multi-camera tracking (‘Tag and Track’, and ‘Tracker++’ technologies). The counting statistics, yet another form of VISuite metadata, are presented to users via Visualization (VIZ), Ipsotek’s business intelligence tool.

“The integration between Ipsotek and Milestone is proof of our collaboration for stronger long-term mutual success. We are looking forward to this fully tested solution being showcased in the market to add value to our customers’ video surveillance installations: Ipsotek has a well-documented and functional integration that is in line with the high standards we are establishing for certified Milestone Solution Partners,” said Martin Friis-Mikkelsen, Head of Strategic Alliances.
Senior R&D Engineer of Ipsotek, Sateesh Pedagadi said, “We are proud to have developed a powerful integrated solution with XProtect Corporate, a leading VMS (Video Management System) from Milestone Systems. At Ipsotek, we aim to provide solutions that are both performance driven and cost effective for our customers. With expert technical assistance from Milestone Systems, our team has managed to complete the fully tested integration in a short span of time and the solution has been recently certified. We aim to focus on markets that are common to both Ipsotek and Milestone Systems.”

About Ipsotek
Ipsotek provides proven video analytics solutions with applications in both the commercial and public sectors. Typical solutions include perimeter protection (i-LIDS Primary Classification), intrusion detection, people and vehicle tracking (Award winning technology: Tag and Track), traffic management, compliance and operational efficiency and crowd management. Our solutions are effortlessly applied to the transportation, critical infrastructure and government, casino, retail, energy and construction market sectors. Unique to Ipsotek is our Scenario Based Detection approach which allows multiple behaviour detections to be applied simultaneously or in predefined sequences providing a detailed understanding of behaviour which dramatically reduces false alarms.
Transform business through innovative use of video information with Ipsotek.

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