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IP video camera ASTRA-5W. Perfection in detail
Source: interVision
Now you will learn something that will forever change the way you think about video surveillance systems.

Less than $ 100 costs an IP video camera that can replace all basic security nodes in a home or office. Multifunctional digital mechanism — seeing, hearing and with an intelligent approach to analytics.

If you think that a modern video surveillance system is expensive, and something cheap does not meet half of your expectations, then consider buying the ASTRA-5W model from the Ukrainian manufacturer Intervision.

Not convincing?
In order not to go far with pleasant moments, we will immediately open all the cards and answer why it is worth buying Intervision ASTRA-5W:

Cheaper. For example, Chinese or Swiss brands charge more than $ 250 for similar specifications. Within such a framework, on the basis of ASTRA-5W, it is possible to assemble a complete system for home use with recorders and adapters.
Flexible assembly. This model can be ordered both in the basic configuration and the ip-video camera can be supplemented with optional equipment, for example, a mounting box, a microphone or another type of lens.
Efficiency.Focal length, viewing angle, brightness and quality of illumination — all this can be estimated from real texts (the video can be watched here). In addition to the fact that the camera shoots flawlessly, this model is small in size, in an anti-vandal case and can withstand any bad weather.
Processor on board. The camera already has a preinstalled processing unit, which is engaged in the transformation of those very frames. This means that the ASTRA-5W ip-video camera gives the owner full access to the settings of the image parameters in live mode and at any distance.
In simple words, the ip-video camera will 100% meet your expectations in terms of assembly and technical characteristics, to which we will definitely return with a detailed review.

A few words about the principle of operation of an IP video camera
Analog and IP video cameras work on the same principle:

The lens picks up the image and feeds it to the matrix.
The matrix converts the light transmitted by the lens into an electrical signal.
Then the signal goes to the processor, where it is calibrated and processed (color, resolution, brightness).
The converted and formatted data is compressed with a codec for fast transmission over network links.
The study of the resulting image takes place on the main control unit or network controller.
This is the way the picture goes so that the user can analyze it. The quality of the image, transmission speed and other parameters will depend on the technical capabilities of individual nodes. IP cameras are equipped with digital technologies that process the picture faster and have high-speed data transmission channels.

Each IP-video camera has its own ip-address, which is used to synchronize the device with other nodes of the observation system. It can be:

Recorder, data storage or PC. You can choose any technology solution for storing and studying video materials, or use everything at once.
Communicators and routers. By connecting an ip-video camera to such equipment, you create a dynamic protocol of support and settings. Connect multiple cameras to one site and control parameters from any digital device.
Adapters and power supplies. PoE communicators allow one cable to supply power to cameras (recorders) and transmit / receive digital data in the same way.
Judging by so many functionalities, the IP video camera is the best device for creating video surveillance systems in the private, commercial and even military security sphere.

ASTRA-5W in all its glory
We came to the most important thing. ASTRA-5W — This is one of the best lenses on the COHKI Optical Japan market with a maximum resolution of 6 Mpx. In addition, it is a long focal length (up to 50mm) and effective infrared illumination (up to 100 meters). With such a ?filling? the picture is clear even at dusk and when driving.

In order to briefly and succinctly describe the technical capabilities, let's divide the content into three components.

1. Functional
The beauty of the ip-camcorder's capabilities is that this model, like the entire line from Intervision, is equipped with a matrix from Sony (Starvis IMX335 Black light illumination CMOS sensor) with high sensitivity 0.001 lux (F/1.3). WDR 120db and progressive scan during scanning allow capturing even details imperceptible to the human eye.

Intelligent tracking technology includes automatic human detection, crossed lines and even visitor counting. You can connect a DVR of any type and modifications to this camera, as well as optionally add a microphone and speaker.

2. Assembly
The manufacturer Intervision uses high quality composite materials for the enclosures that withstand low and high temperatures, protecting the internal parts from moisture, dust and dirt. In modifications, you can choose the color of the case and the type of mounting box.

The stake is also placed on compactness and invisibility, since this is the most important factor of the surveillance system. In the installed form, the outreach of the camera from the surface is slightly more than 30 centimeters. IP-video camera ASTRA-5W has a professional built-in protection against thunderstorms and a power protection unit.

3. Connection
The main data transmission channel is a UTP cable with IP technology, through which the camera is capable of transmitting images at a speed of up to 8 Mb/s. For connection, RJ-45 interfaces, Ethernet with a speed of up to 1000 Mbit are used.

The model is also notable for the fact that it can be controlled via the AiCloud mobile application. The presence of an optional additional memory makes it possible to save the captured data, even if the connection with the recorder is cut off or the power is lost.

For dessert, you can add a large manual for connections and settings, which will definitely come in handy for those who install a video surveillance system for the first time. An IP video camera is without exaggeration capable of capturing everything — and stealing in the dark, and suspicious actions in a dynamic scene.
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