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Clever ways to use mobile phone in access control
Source: Idesco Oy
More and more employees today are using their mobile phone as a key to enter their workplace. Many find using their phone a huge improvement, as one rarely forgets their phone, whereas keys and cards are much more often forgotten or lost. Additionally, improvements in managing and distributing privileges to users’ phones, are making mobile access more attractive. For example, mobile access has been shown to greatly simplify the issuance of temporary access to building maintenance personnel, for example. After a worker registers their mobile credential, their access activates instantly. After their job is complete, removing them from the system is simple, either programmed or administered manually, depending on the system.

Easy access

How is mobile identification actually implemented in practice? Let’s hear below from two integrators who provided mobile access to their clients, using Idesco ID’s service and mobile app.

Visma Megaflex Oy integrated Idesco ID service into their own Megaflex access control system, to provide a mobile access option at sites with installed Idesco mobile-compatible readers. “With building maintenance work often performed outside office hours, it became easier to pre-define and distribute such temporary mobile privileges in advance. Our customers save time and resources, since they don’t have to handle and deliver physical tags on site”, explains Visma Megaflex Oy’s Sales Director, Kari Kuittinen.

From Megaflex system, a mobile credential is issued to users by selecting “add new mobile credential”. Then, users receive a text message from Idesco ID service inviting them to register their credential. Once a user registers their Idesco ID app credential, their phone is instantly granted the access privileges their system has assigned them.

Somewhat differently, booking system vendor Asio provides its clients a way to reserve different spaces and resources that subscribe to Asio. Any Asio space already using Idesco’s mobile access readers are, in turn, wholly supported by Asio’s service. Further, Idesco ID’s simple, seamless integration with Asio’s service lets it send access credentials to booking customers’ phones after Idesco ID app is installed on them. In turn, this lets a booking client access the reserved premises with their phone. “Phones are truly a secure and convenient access method”, Asio CEO Tom Ojala comments. “Access rights can’t be readily shared with someone else if they reside in phones. You rarely give your phone to someone else”.

Asio lets its clients choose spaces or other resources online, with payment for them rendered all in the same transaction. Registration requests for access credentials are then sent to phone numbers provided in reservations. Finally, the Asio’s booking system includes instructions to its clients on how to use their mobile access credential and how long it will remain valid.

Technology independent interface to all systems
Both these customers use Idesco ID at a service level that gives managers continuous, on demand distribution of credentials, integrated to their systems via a technology-independent REST API interface.

Indeed, Asio was surprised with how easily Idesco ID deployed. “It was so fast and convenient to integrate Idesco ID with our Asio booking system”, recollects Tom Ojala. “I think the convenience we experienced came largely from the remarkably smooth, solid co-operation Idesco’s team gave us. They immediately answered our questions, with no wait time, helping us to develop and go live incredibly fast”, he continues.

“We chose Idesco because of their priorities: solution quality and understanding the customer. It’s embedded in everything they do and mirrors the same values we pursue every day in our own work. So, cooperation is easy; it feels natural with Idesco”, reflects Kari Kuittinen.

Idesco ID is a mobile access solution that is unique from others, because it lets you use it from your own access control system. You don’t need to register in a separate system to send mobile credentials. All credential data remain confined in your access control system because Idesco ID is merely your mobile ID distribution service. It offers economical levels if you only need new mobile credentials in small numbers or rarely, yet can also serve large populations, or let you manage them 24/7/365. Finally, Idesco ID won’t store data, nor may mobile credential data be phished from Idesco ID; it merely transmits credentials you manage in your system just like its conventional IDs.

Asio-Data Oy delivers booking systems and online booking services for various use environments: schools, cities and municipalities, hall providers and arenas, sports clubs, restaurants, culture, sports and education centers, business parks, accommodation providers, parking halls, event organisers, business premise providers and other organisations who provide different premises. With Asio you can book among others; game fields, meeting rooms, classrooms, parking slots, accommodation, restaurant services, chairs, devices, persons, appointments, events, trainings, products and other resources.

Visma Megaflex Oy creates cost effective software solutions for building and people management. The modules include access control, worktime-management, space management and workspace condition monitoring. The products are cloud based and can therefore be accessed through a web browser anywhere there is an internet connection. Visma Megaflex Oy is part of the Visma concern who concentrate on developing software that simplifies and automates complex and manual work processes, empowering people’s everyday lives.

Idesco Oy is one of the oldest RFID companies in the world, with more than 30 years of experience. Our products are RFID readers, system controllers, touch screen RFID devices and mobile access solutions.

Idesco ID concepts brings virtual access cards to phones, securely and conveniently, directly from customers’ own systems, without need to use parallel systems for mobile access management.
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