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HuperLab Intelligent Surveillance System Builds Higher Level of Taiwan Mansion

Taipei Mansion, a large scale of mansion with over 400 households and occupied spacious dimension as 6,151.2 M2 in Taipei County, is a famous indicative construction regionally. This mansion has installed intelligent huperVision surveillance system with full-featured video analytics to provide a better quality of living standards and citizens’ safety assurance for double added value creation.

To secure more households and entry points, it requires more cameras and a powerful surveillance system to reach better performance. Based on this prerequisite, the well-known solution provider, GCC, chose huperVision surveillance system in the combination of practical intelligent video analytics, like loitering detection, virtual fence detection, secure zone detection and motion detection, to secure major entry points and building surroundings to upgrade security level other than video viewing and recording available in traditional CCTV systems.

In this case, the full-featured video analytics cover major entry points, including hallways, side entrances, backdoor fences that neighbor on other buildings. With advanced algorithms, these intelligent video analytics can real-time detect and analyze objects in secured areas and further trigger alarms. Based on these intelligent video analytics features, secure zone can completely monitor non-stop 24hr a day and instantly trigger alarm when detecting any suspicious people or objects.

“It’s like having virtual eyes!” Project Manager of GCC, Justin Chang says, “We deploy virtual fence detection and secure zone detection at several major entry points for 24hr surveillance and instantly event reports. Also, smart search feature aids the manager in saving much time to locate specific video segments from a huge database. The search results can be displayed in the thumbnail view for instant browse. Security guards no longer spend most of their time walking around the site but check reports when events happen.”

The central station also plays a crucial role in this case. huperCenter works as a central monitoring and event management station to receive alerts from remote DVR sites, and generate event logs for quick search and archives. All intelligent video analytics can be scheduled by day, by week or by month while event notifications can be sent to users in a more convenient way, such as, by email, by fax, by phone and so on. In this way, security guards only need to export and compile record reports to the management committee regularly, and deal with instant events based on accurate reports nonstop.

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